Tips to Stage Your House for Selling

Having an open house where potential buyers can come and view your property is one of the biggest steps in selling your home. This is a moment where your hard work and preparation can pay off by letting the potential new tenants of your home into the doors for the very first time; it can also be a bittersweet reminder that you are moving and that the sale process isn’t over quite yet. Here are a few tips for staging your house to maximize your home’s potential as well as garner lots of interest in your property.

1. De-clutter and de-personalize. Simplifying your home is something we all struggle with; we all have a junk drawer (or two) somewhere! The important part of staging your home is to present your house at its best- clean, fresh, and uncluttered. You should move out any pieces of furniture that crowd rooms and remove some (if not all) remnants of family pictures or other personal items. You want potential buyers to see their families and their futures in this house without stumbling over that old ottoman or seeing pictures of your dog playing in the backyard.

2. Clean everywhere, and I mean everywhere. Nooks, crannies, corners, up, down, and all around. Pay special attention to missed corners and common areas that collect dust (like moldings and tops of lamps and picture frames) as well as the kitchen and bathroom, where buyers will be looking closely for signs of mold and dirt. Taking extra time to scrub bathroom and kitchen tiles, replace any outdated items, and maybe even repaint is a great asset to staging your home.

3. Light is another way to not only brighten your home, but to make it feel warm and welcoming. Do what you can to maximize the sunlight streaming through your windows and mitigate any darker rooms you may have in your home with lamps and overhead lights (but never anything fluorescent).

4. Strategically painting a few rooms or walls in your house can also set it up to be an extraordinary house for sale. Accent walls with a pop of color can really bring out the character in a room and create a visually interesting space that buyers will find intriguing and soothing. Neutral colors are good for larger spaces like the living room or dining room while more dramatic colors (think bright or dark) are great for bathrooms or bedrooms.

5. Emphasizing the unique features of your home is another way to make sure your house makes an impact on potential buyers. If you have a fireplace be sure to clean it, hang a picture above it or put a vase of flowers (or other non-distracting trinkets) on the mantle to create a place that will draw buyers‘ eyes towards it.

Staging your home requires much time, effort, and strategy; getting professional help is often a very good choice for first time home sellers, but anyone can learn how to stage their house in an effective manner.

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