The Importance of Pre-Listing Home Inspections

If you are putting your home on the market one way to set your home apart from the other homes in your area is to have a pre-sales inspection performed. Pre-sales home inspections are becoming more popular as the number of homes for sale increases.

Providing your potential buyer with an inspection report will show that you are trying to provide full and complete disclosure. It shows that you are standing behind your home and are willing to provide more information about its condition. The inspection report shows that you are a serious seller and that you have the buyers interests in mind.

The inspection also gives you the opportunity to address any of the defects or issues that are found. You can correct the problems before you put the home on the market. Correcting the problems before allows you to hire your professionals. If you wait until the buyer has a home inspection performed you run the risk of not having enough time to correct the issues. You may be rushed into quick fixes or have to offer additional concessions to your potential buyer.

Having a pre-sales home inspection allows you to create realistic pricing based on the defects that exist. Having a properly priced home is absolutely essential in this very competitive market for real estate sales. There is still a glut of homes on the market. The homes that sell quickly are the ones that are priced fairly and accordingly to their condition.

If you don’t want to make the repairs yourself you can provide the buyer with several repair estimates. This usually makes closing more efficient and quick because the buyer does not have to track down their own repair estimates. It makes things easier for the buyer and is another way to set your home apart from all of the others on the market.

Knowing the problems that the home has before the buyers inspection can make negotiations go more smoothly because you have your eyes open to the problems before hand. There are less surprises for you and there is less stress in the entire sales process.

Pre-sales inspections are just another tool for a seller to use in a very competitive real-estate marketplace.

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