Selling a House Privately

Selling a house privately might seem to be a hassle to many. However, by contrast to this thought, selling the house privately is really easy and saves a lot of effort. If you sell your house in the usual way that is by contacting an estate agent for sale of house, they will charge a commission for selling your house which can be between 2-5% amounting to a few thousands pounds depending on the value of the house. Is this worth paying for a job which you can do yourself wonderfully? You might be amazed to know that you can easily sell your house in just a few hundreds of pounds. To sell your house by yourself requires setting a realistic pricing of your house and getting maximum exposure which can be planned.

If you have decided to sell your property privately, there are several options out there which help you achieve your target soon. You can advertise your property in newspaper or can put up a „For Sale“ sign outside your house. You can also use fliers or leaflets to advertise your property and get them distributed at a very low cost. Furthermore, you can also think of selling your property online as there are several websites which offer this facility. Moreover, some of them offer this service for free.

Deciding the asking price for your house is not difficult. You can have a look at the price of similar properties in your area. It is important to take note of recent sales or you can simply meet an estate agent to know the prevailing prices. Another way is to engage a surveyor to suggest you the professional valuation of your house. This too can often be achieved free of cost.

The most obvious place to advertise your house for sale is the local newspaper. To prepare your advertisement copy, you can look at the other house advertisements given there. Though some of these options for advertising are not free of cost, the cost of selling house privately is far less than that of selling through an estate agent and sale can be achieved quite quickly.

If you need cash urgently and want to Sell House Fast, you can contact cash property buyers who give you a free estimate of your house without even visiting it. These companies can buy your house for cash without requiring any repairs. Moreover, they even pay your legal fees and help you sell your house fast. The most important thing is to select you cash property buying company carefully.

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