Sell Your House Fast Using This Little Known Buying Incentive

If you are thinking about selling your home, or already have your home up for sale, you need to know this secret to making your home super attractive to potential buyers.

Statistics show that around 9.8% of Americans move each year. This often involves the sale of a home and the purchase of a different home.

Putting your home up for sale is often a stressful experience because of time and money. You have a schedule for moving, but little control over how fast your home will sell. And, you will have payments to make on a new home, and may have to accept a low price offer to be free of your old home.

So, how can you help ensure a fast sale at your asking price?

This secret to a quick sale for top dollar is a small, free, communications device that you or the new owner can place in the home. It helps build out the Internet of Things network. And most of these free devices earn hundreds of dollars per month.

Just imagine how attractive your home will be when potential purchasers learn they will receive a significant amount of money every month after they purchase your home. This extra money could help pay their mortgage or help provide some of the nicer things in life.

These communication devices promote the transfer of data from smart devices (like wearable medical devices, home appliances, automobile GPS devices, track-able packages, and more) to entities that pay to receive that data. The communications device simply interfaces between the smart devices and your home Internet.

But, not every home will qualify for one of these communication devices. There needs to be a reasonable distance between these devices in order to extend the network throughout the community. So, if your home is too close to a property with another device, it will probably not qualify to get one.

To see if your property qualifies, you need to get a site survey. This will tell you what the expected earnings of your device will be. Earnings will depend on how many nearby devices your device can talk to. As we build out the network, more devices will be added and your earnings will increase.

This little secret could mean the difference between quickly getting the price you want for your home, or a lengthy sales process where you need to evaluate low bid offers. And, you may even get a premium price because of this device. So act today to get your site survey.

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