Sell Your Home Faster With Social Book Marking

Social bookmarks are a quick effective ways to promote your real-estate listings. They increase the chance that your property will make it to the top of the search engines – and more importantly indirectly market your property to friend’s relatives and co-workers.

How ranking is increased

Internet ranking of web pages is largely based on how popular the website the link is found on. A webpage of a high value website is going to get a much higher ranking in the search results than a lower one. To get a website at the top level you need to have a link from the popular website to yours. Social bookmarks sites like,,, and others traditionally have higher traffic ranks than real-estate websites.

All you need to do is get a link on the highly ranked website to your real-estate listings. The most effective way to do this is through social bookmarks.

Advertising Lottery

In some cases property listings get highly ranked and traffic to them explodes – thousands of users are directed to your listing. This increase in traffic can get your home noticed above all others. Increasing the number of eyeballs on your property increases the changes of find a prospective buyer.

Warm marketing

Another benefit to doing the Social Bookmarks is that you can indirectly market your property to friends, co-workers and family. When you share your bookmarks is it a low pressure way to advertise to your friends and family that you are selling your home. You may get lucky and have a friend see your ad, remember a party or other fun time and reach out to you regarding the sale of your home.

What to do

Getting your real-estate advertisement listed and shared is simple – your realtor may have listed your property on an MLS system. You can ask for the links to your property listings from your realtor or to the sites that you posted your advertisement. Look on the advertisement for „bookmark“ or „share“. Many times there is a popup you can use to select the social book marking site you want to use. Register at the site and recommend the links to your real-estate listings. Want more traffic then have your friends recommend the link as well.

Not sure what a chiclet is?

Chiclets are the links on a page you can use to share the web page you are on. They are tiny social network bookmark icons that allow you to easily submit the real-estate listing to social news and network sites like,, and others.

One you have your real-estate listings promoted and recommended on the social book marking sites – now you need to get others to view and vote on them. A very simple way to do this is using your email list, send out the book marketed listing to your friends, co-workers and family and have them vote. This can cause a viral effect and really boost the popularity of your real-estate listings.

Need a Listing

If you are selling your home yourself you will need to list your property yourself. Using property listing sites you can list your real-estate for little to no fee. Once you have listing you can register at the social book marketing sites and list your advertisement.

When you have created your listing look for the „share“ or „bookmark“ button, create your id at the social bookmark site and recommend you property listing. It is that simple.

Test your Listing

The proof of your work can easily be validated – a couple of days after promoting your site you should start to see your property listing higher in the ranks in search engines such as or


Selling a home can be difficult especially in today’s market. You can help get the most out of your home by using social bookmarks to get your property to the top of the search engines. Give it a little time and you should start to see the results of your efforts. Selling your home quickly and for the right price would make the effort worth while.

Keep these steps in mind when Book Marking your listings:

1) Find the chiclet on the real-estate listing web page

2) Create an account at the social book marketing site

3) Add the link to your listing.

4) Send bookmarked links to family, friends and co-workers and get them to vote.

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