Quick Tips For Home Stagers

The most important thing to remember when staging your home or a client’s home for resale is that „less is more“! How do you accomplish this when you have too much furniture?

Well, my first suggestion is to rent space close by to store the extra stuff until you sell the home. If you are strapped for cash, move it to the garage and park outside if need be.

Another common problem is that your current furniture pieces are too large for the space it occupies. For example, a King bed in an average size bedroom. Since you are trying to make the rooms look larger and most people have a Queen size bed, rent or buy a cheap Queen or Full size bet and store your King for your next place.

Tip number 3 is to clear off all counters in the kitchen and leave only two appliances for appearance sake.

Remember; use the rule of three for all your arrangements. Group pictures, accessories, decorative pillows, etc. in groups of three but keep them to a minimum.

A home or condo with the minimum amount of furniture and clutter is easiest to sell as buyers can easily visualize how their furniture will fit.

My favorite tip or recommendation is to store or sell all large pieces and replace them with smaller pieces. This is particularly true for most dining rooms where space is usually at a premium. This also applies to old and worn furniture. The main objection to this by most people is that they can’t afford new furniture. Well, I have a solution for you. I would search your area for charitable organizations like Hospice, Goodwill, etc. that accepts charitable goods and then sells them for peanuts. Then spruce them up with finishing oil for a new look. If needed, paint the using spray cans in pastel colors to match your décor. Recover dining room chair seats with new, inexpensive fabric that gives your room a new look. You can find an example of this in my Redesign Manual where I purchased a table and chairs, repainted them and recovered the seats for under $50. I still have the set today.

Staging a home requires a different mindset than doing a home redesign. The latter requires a design that appeals to you and your family. Staging a home for resale requires you put yourself and your resulting design in the buyers mind. Since prospect buy on emotion you must make it easy for them to visualize living there. The best way is a clean, minimalist design using color sparingly or not at all on the walls and inserting color with plants and a few accessories.

Stagers, do not forget about the importance of landscaping. You probably are not able to redo the current landscape, but you can make it more appealing at little or no additional cost. First, remove all the clutter, i.e. hoses, toys, tools, etc. that may be lying around.

Second, purchase one or two colorful plants and place the in the entryway. Third, use a power washer on the driveway and sidewalks. These little things will give your home more curb appeal at little cost.

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