Profit from the SAP Ecosystem: Business Models, Partnering, Go-to-Market

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Profit from the SAP Ecosystem: Thanks to over USD 23 billion in sales revenues, 355,000 customers and 87,000 employees, SAP is the world’s 3rd largest software company. The SAP ecosystem is the largest business software community worldwide, with more than 15,000 official SAP partner companies, millions of experts and impressive KPIs like: – SAP „touches“ more than USD 16 trillion of the world’s B2C purchases – 74 percent of the world’stransaction revenues run thru SAP systems – SAP banking customers manage assets worth more than $70 trillion – The SAP Ariba business network runs transactions valued $1,250b in 2016 – Estimated total annual customer spending of USD 309 billion This book is a guide to SAP ecosystem opportunities, challenges and how to successfully manage them. It targets management, sales, business and channel development. It combines startup methodologies with SAP ecosystem best practices, including business model and value proposition design, SAP solution alignment, go-to-market, and much more. The authors of this book are a team of experienced SAP ecosystem experts, who have collectively achieved the following: – Work over 57 years at SAP and for 282 years in the SAP ecosystem – Add 46 partner products to the SAP price list – Complete 65 SAP software certifications – Win 1,200 SAP enterprise customers directly and 1,800 via partners – Found the SAP partner association „IA4SP“ ( – Support the European Workshop on Software Ecosystems ( – Globalize software startups and support M&A – Translate 20,000,000 SAP lines into 28 languages

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