Make Money Online – Create a Fantastic Product and Sell It

Here’s the easiest way ever to make money online – create a fantastic product, and sell it. But how do you do that? Here’s how to get started.

You’ve heard of Internet millionaires who sit beside their pool – or beside the pool of a hotel in an exotic location – sipping cool drinks as their fingers dance across their keyboard and the dollars roll in, 24 hours a day.

However, you doubt that making money online is possible for you.

Every famous marketer started exactly where you are now, and if others can create products, you can too. After all, you’ve already got the most important tools: your computer and an Internet connection.

Get Started – Create Your First Product the Easy Way

The easiest product for you to create is a product which is based on your own life and experience. Think back – what problems have you solved in your own life over the past year? Make a list. What have you learned in the past year? Make another list.

Under „problems I’ve solved in my own life“ you could list:

* Got out of credit card debt

* Sold my house within a week

Under „what I’ve learned“ you could list:

* Learned how to take great digital photographs

* Made the switch from Windows, learned how to use a Mac computer

* Learned how to sell a house as the home owner

And so on and so forth… Give yourself half an hour, and I’m sure you can come up with a dozen problems you’ve solved, and another dozen things you’ve learned.

The items on your list are potentially all products you could create… if there’s a demand for them.

Here’s a fast way to check demand: if people are talking about a topic, then it’s usually a good topic to create a product around. For example, go to Google, and type „credit card debt +forum“ into the search query field. (Without the quotes.) You’ll see that there are lots of forums – people are talking about this topic.

Try it with the items on your lists. Spend a couple of hours on this, and make notes. This kind of research is vital in order to create a fantastic product which sells well.

Go and make your lists and look for forums now. I promise you that you’ll have a great idea for a product within three hours.

You’ve just completed the hardest task when it comes to creating a product – finding a topic which you can develop based on your own experiences, and which will sell.

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