Get a Fast House Sale Without Dropping Your Price

Given the current state of the economy, it’s no wonder that getting a fast house sale has become tough. People want to bargain you down lower than ever before, and marketing strategies that worked well in the past no longer cut the mustard. To get a quick house sale these days, you need to totally revamp your sales techniques. This article shows you how.

Make Buyers Run The Price Up

The traditional method of getting a quick sale is to set your price high and have your buyers bargain down. This is all well and good while your house is worth a lot, but what about when values drop? It’s much smarter in the current economic situation to start low and let buyers run the price up. Advertising at below market value will cause a massive surge in interest to your house, and people will start competing for it, thus pushing the price upwards.

Don’t Show Financial Weakness

If you show that you’re desperate to sell your house, your buyers may be inclined to make very small cash offers for your property. You might be tempted to accept these offers, but you will only be cheating yourself out of thousands of dollars. When meeting face to face with your prospects be sure to portray confidence in both your price and your house. By acting unaffected by the economic crisis, buyers will be more likely to bid higher.

Tweak Up The Small Things

There are a few small things you should be doing to increase the perceived value of your home. The 2 most important rooms of your property are the kitchen and the bathroom. Make sure they are both clean and tidy, especially the kitchen. Consider replacing light fittings and door knobs if things are a bit out-dated.

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