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We are a full-service real estate company offering the most comprehensive real estate services available in the market, and we go the extra mile to assist our clients on a daily basis. We work tirelessly on your behalf to make your next buying or selling experience a pleasant and successful one.

Our services include working with both buyers and sellers in a wide array of markets including residential, commercial, land, and other related property types.

Our company is dedicated to serving your every real estate needs. We are committed to providing a superior level of service in order to ensure a smooth and beneficial outcome to each and every transaction.






Our team maintain exceptional knowledge of the local markets, outstanding negotiating skills, and the experience necessary to give you the service you deserve. Professionalism, dedication, and knowledge make us the perfect choice when selecting a realtor.

We provide outstanding exposure to your property through both traditional means of advertising while maintaining a comprehensive approach using today’s modern techniques including web advertising.

We will work with you to find your ideal home by using a wide array of resources and we will make sure all your buying needs are met.

we will utilise our outstanding negotiating skills in order for you to receive the best possible price for your new property. We look forward to serving all your buying needs.

Buying or selling your home will be an enjoyable and rewarding experience when you work with Kargil Properties and their innovative and effective methods for generating successful results quickly and efficiently.

A Commitment to Excellence

Our Firm’s philosophy is simple – we understand and care about people who ask for our real estate service. We make a commitment to your entire family. We find homes for families – homes and neighbourhoods that meet our clients‘ dreams and desires. We sell homes for families at the highest fair market value possible. That’s the reason our clients return again and again.

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16 Tips to Keep You Moving Forward With the Home Downsizing Process

Our last article included 11 Tips to help you get started with the Home Downsizing process. Whereas that article focused more upon how you can „Get Started“, this article takes you to the next step and provides you with 16 tips and strategies designed to „Keep You Moving Forward“ after you have started the Home Downsizing process.

Know Values Before You Begin Dumping. „Do Not“, I repeat, „Do Not“, begin dumping anything before having someone look at it for potential value. All too often things that you perceive as having value turn out to be valueless, while things that you perceive to have little value end up having considerable worth.

Have a Professional Help You With Values: Before tossing anything out you would be wise to hire someone who is knowledgeable in Personal Property values to provide you with valuations prior to beginning the dumping process. A Professional In-Home Personal Property Walk-Through Valuation is usually a good place to start for most individuals. A USPAP Appraisal will be more precise and detailed, but will cost significantly more because of the time involved in its preparation. The up-front cost of either should seem quite reasonable when compared to the potential loss if you throw the wrong things away.

What You Paid Has No Bearing On Today’s Value: We’ll cover this concept in greater depth in a later article, but at this point you must understand that what you paid for something has absolutely no bearing…none…on what it will bring in today’s market.

Start Early In The Process: Whatever you do, don’t wait until the last minute to get started. Start early, work in smaller blocks of time, and the job will go much easier.

Start With A Small Room: Start by selecting a small room to begin with. Once that smaller room has been successfully completed, it will be easier to move on to a more complex room.

Start With A Room That Has Less Sentimental Attachment: A bathroom, closet, or kitchen may be a good place to start. The most important thing is to start somewhere, and then build momentum towards larger projects.

Start With Larger Objects: It’s often easier to start by eliminating larger items, such as furniture. The logic here is that you can begin to feel as if you are making progress after only making a few decisions.

Start With A Portion Of The House That You Don’t Currently Use Much: A grown child’s empty bedroom is often a good place to start.

Start With Personal Papers and Family Photographs: This won’t gain you that much space, but it can be fun, and is a logical step in starting the downsizing process.

Work In Limited Blocks Of Time: The process can be very tiring and emotionally draining. Limit yourself to only a few hours at a time, at least in the beginning. Then, if you are feeling up to it, you can work in extended periods of time.

Stick With A Specific Project Until Done: Once started, do your best to complete a specific project, especially smaller projects. For example, if your start cleaning out a closet, finish that project before moving on to another project. However, recognize that larger projects, such as a basement or attic, will most likely not be completed in a single session.

Anticipate The Weather: Plan ahead, keeping the weather in mind. You don’t want to work in the attic on a scorching July day, and you don’t want to be working in the garage or outbuildings in sub-freezing weather. Use the weather to your advantage.

Give Yourself Ample Lighting: Little will get done if you can’t see what you are doing. If the room you are working in isn’t bright enough, bring in some temporary lighting to brighten up the workspace.

Give Yourself Ample Workspace: You can’t sort much into piles or sorting categories on a single, rickety folding card table. Try to provide yourself with one or more solid 3′ x 8′ folding tables. Today’s tables have light, plastic tops and are much easier to move by yourself than the heavy wooden tables of previous years.

Use Heavy Duty Plastic Bags For Dumping: It doesn’t matter whether you buy them at the supermarket, home improvement store, or dollar store, be sure that you use heavy duty plastic bags for packing old clothes and linens, or dumping unwanted smalls into the weekly trash. Nothing is more frustrating than having a lighter-duty plastic bag break after you have spent considerable time packing it.

Homes With More Space Can Sell Better: Selling off your Personal Property can make you even more money when you sell your current home. Clutter tends to make a house look small. By downsizing before you put your house on the market, you can make your house look even bigger than it really is, thereby increasing its salability. We know of one situation where the Real Estate agent felt that a house brought $30,000-$40,000 more than it would have brought had the home downsizing not occurred.

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For Sale by Owner Tips From a Realtor – Article #1

Each year thousands of Americans will challenge the real estate community and save themselves thousands of dollars by selling their homes themselves.

No one can guarantee that selling your home on your own will be easy, or that it will be hassle-free — it rarely is even when you enlist the help of a real estate professional. But the simple fact is that many people have successfully sold their home on their own and you can do it too.

This is the first of a series of articles that I will share with you for the purpose of giving you the knowledge and tools you need to succeed in today’s lukewarm real estate market, and to give you the competitive edge you need to „out-market“ not only the other „For Sale by Owners“ in your neighborhood, but also the real estate agents who want you to list your home with them.

Please understand that other „For Sale by Owner“ sellers and real estate agents are your competition, and in order to be successful on your own you need to have a detailed marketing plan in place to find the right buyer for your home.

If you have the knowledge, if you can learn the required marketing expertise, and if you understand the process of selling your home on your own, then you will have a better than average chance to do just that, and can literally save thousands of dollars in real estate commissions.

One thing you need to understand right from the beginning is that the only difference between you and a real estate agent, or another „For Sale by Owner“, is knowledge; if you have it and they don’t you’ll attract all the buyers you’ll ever need to sell your home for top dollar in a short period of time.

The second important thing for you to understand when you’re trying to sell your own home is that you can do it. You can get your home sold inside of 90 days in a decent real estate market. It all comes down to understanding and implementing a few key procedures that I will discuss in upcoming articles.

One other simple thing you need to understand is that your home will almost sell itself, or not sell itself, based on it’s own merits of price and condition. If you get both correct, and you are able to let enough people know about it, your home will sell. However, if the price or condition is not in line, or nobody know about your house, your home has no chance of selling (and that applies even if you have a real estate agent involved).

Another important thing you need to realize is that there is a buyer for your home out there. You bought the home yourself and that means that there are others who have similar tastes and similar housing requirements as you do.

These people will automatically be attracted to your property. If you are aware of this fact and you realize that, like anything in sales, that it’s definitely a numbers game, then you’re well on your way to selling your home yourself.

Stay tuned…

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What is Home Downsizing?

Exactly what does the term „Home Downsizing“ mean? Most likely it will mean different things to different people. Some definitions we have seen include:

  • Selling off excess personal property in order to make more room.
  • Moving into a smaller, more manageable home.
  • Cashing in on personal property investment
  • Reducing the mortgage payment and living expenses.

Perhaps the simplest definition of Home Downsizing is „Making do with less“. It means shedding off all of the excess baggage that you have in your life including expenses, personal property, collections, or junk…and living a simpler, less complicated life.

If you are considering a major downsizing or move in the near future, you’re not alone. In fact, a significant portion of Americans 50-75+ are downsizing today. And why not? More than likely one or more of the following statements will apply to you:

  • Your children are grown and gone.
  • Your home has become an empty nest.
  • You are retired, or getting ready to retire.
  • You are ready to move nearer, or to live with, your children.
  • You live in a home larger than you now need.
  • The housework and yard are becoming too difficult to maintain.
  • You are simply tired of the house and yard work and would prefer to spend your free time doing something else, such as traveling.
  • Increased taxes and carrying costs are just becoming too much of a burden.
  • You’ve lost a spouse or partner and are now living alone.
  • You are ready to move to your shore house, mountain home, lake house, or otherwise smaller dream house.
  • You would prefer to live in a year-round warmer climate.
  • You are ready to tap into the home equity you have built up.

The reasons for downsizing are many. Each person’s life tells a different story, but many of us have reached the same point in our lives. What we are seeing is the „Grayification“ of America, and an entire generation who is getting older, who is ready to downsize, and who is ready to move on to their next phase in life.

Consider this:

  • Between 2010-2030 the number of Americans age 65+ will more than double to 70,000,000. (Delaware Valley Regional Planning Council).
  • In Philadelphia alone 1-in-5 Philadelphians will be 65+ by 2025 (same source).

Never lose sight of the fact that „Downsizing“ is usually about the money. When a business „Downsizes“, it lays off staff in order to reduce expenses. It divests itself of resources no longer needed and it cuts the fat, all in an attempt to increase operating efficiency.

„Home Downsizing“ is no different. When you „Downsize“ your home, you are basically seeking to reduce expenses, divest yourself of resources no longer needed, and cut the fat, all in order to increase your household’s operating efficiency.

The ultimate objective of Home Downsizing for many is to increase the operating efficiency in your life, thereby giving you more money, with less work, and more time to do the things that you want to do.

Home Downsizing Tips & Strategies

Home Downsizing means different things to different people. What does it mean to you? What are three things that you would like to accomplish once your Home Downsizing phase is complete?

  • 1. ___________________________________________________________
  • 2. _____________________________________________________________
  • 3. _____________________________________________________________

Home Downsizing is similar to Business Downsizing in that its objective is to increase operating efficiency by cutting expense. Home Downsizing is usually about he money. How much can you save by downsizing your home?

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Tips on Selling Your Own Property

Ever wondered how you can save money when selling your property? Ever thought that you have to have an estate agent to sell you property? With the growing trend of consumers in the selling market now selling their own home, should estate agent start to worry? Is now the time to start selling your own home and cut out the middle man?

If you have ever wanted to cut out the middle man and sell your own property there are a number of considerable benefits. The main benefit is the saving on commissions. This could be in the thousands. The feeling of remaining in control and the sense of achievement when you have finally sold your home can reduce any stress levels and leave a feeling of satisfaction and a job well done. With a growing number of resources on the internet available to everyone, there has never been an easier time to sell your own property. There are however some careful considerations that need to be thought through before you take the plunge; what is the value of your property, what are the benefits to the buyer and how do you intend to advertise.

Knowing how to value your property isn’t as hard as you think. All you need to know is what the market considers to be a fair price for your property in the location that it is in. For you to do this just take a look around. What are the local properties that are similar to yours valued at; research local papers and estate agents windows to see what they have valued similar properties to. There are even on-line house price calculators which can give you a guide price. When you are finding the value of your property, always keep in mind the lowest price you will accept for your property and your ideal price.

Listing the benefits to the buyer is just as easy. Just remember what it was that made you buy the property. Take a look at a local map and list all the amenities, local schools and so on.

Advertising you property can be as easy as placing an advert in the local news paper or seeking out websites that allow you to list your property. Taking photos with a digital camera will greatly enhance any advert. With a little bit of research you could have your advert in front of thousands of potential customers in a very short period of time and the cost of advertising will be considerable less than any fees paid to an estate agent.

Although going it alone can be rewarding there is no substitute for the local knowledge of the market that an estate agent can bring. Selling your own home can be a challenge but very rewarding. The choice is yours to take.

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Tips for Selling – Mind Control Tricks to Increase Your Sales

You are probably sick and tired of getting conventional tips for selling. It‘ high time you found out how you can influence prospect customers psychologically to buy your product.

These mind control tricks allow you to influence the subconscious mind of the prospect. This is crucial for success in sales, since people make decisions based on factors that are of the subconscious mind, such as emotions, desires, beliefs and values.

These tips for selling work effectively for influencing others to do what you want.

Pretend to be the prospect’s friend.

This is one of my favorite tips for selling because it works in almost all cases. It is simple to apply as well. All you have to do is act, as if you are giving friendly and honest advice to the person.

It is best for you to use a variety of techniques for building rapport together with applying this method to make it more effective. It is a good idea to share that you have had the same needs as the prospect and found a solution to satisfy them.

Then, you can readily get to a level of familiarity with the person, flatter his ego and give advice. Use these suggestions to influence the mind of a person to buy the product.

Make the prospect feel that he has different choices.

It is not uncommon for salespersons to apply too many techniques and to literally push the prospect into buying. Sometimes this works, but in other cases the person tends to oppose the purchase more powerfully in his mind.

One of the best tips for selling to overcome this issue is to give the prospect a number of choices. This automatically allows him to relax his mind, forget about the objection and focus on the making a choice between the different options.

You can use this psychological trick by offering a variety of similar products or the same product in different colors or with additional features. It is best not to present more than two or three choices in order to prevent confusion that may put the person off buying.

Use stories of other people buying and enjoying the product.

This one of the tips for selling is extremely effective for making presentations, for overcoming objections and for closing a sale. You can use it in any of these cases with slight modification.

When you tell a story, you trigger the prospect’s imagination. This is probably the most powerful tool for mind control. As the person sees your story in his mind, he will get an emotion, desire or thought based on it. This factor can literally push him to make the purchase.

You don’t have to come up with elaborate stories. One of the simplest ones is to share how many people have bought the product the day before or the previous week. Another simple story to tell is that of a customer who has objected buying, but is now extremely happy with the product.

In order to hook the prospect to the story, you need to use the so called loops. Simply put, you have to create a sense of suspense and make the prospect anticipate the end of the story.

Show the negative consequences of not buying.

Fear is a powerful mind control tool that you might want to use in case all other tips for selling fail. Of course, you don’t have to be sinister. Just make sure you are influential.

You can readily say, „Your problem will become more serious, if you don’t start using the product now.“

Similarly you can make a statement based on the fact that searching for a new solution may also have negative implications. For instance, „If you don’t buy now, you will have to start the search for solution from scratch again.“

The mind seems to be even more powerful, when hinted to imagine the negative consequences. That is why this technique is extremely effective and works like magic almost all the time.

You can readily use these tips for selling whenever you feel it is necessary. Just keep in mind that you need to have a strategy for applying them. In addition, tailor each technique to the individual prospect and the respective situation.

Use these tips for selling to close more sales. Keep expanding your knowledge to become an even more successful salesperson.

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5 Tips To Clean Your RV Interior Before Selling It

If you are contemplating an RV sale, the first thought that is likely to cross your mind is „what steps would help me sell my RV quickly?“ You are not the only seller who wants an answer to this question; most of the rig owners think the same when it comes to finding a taker for their RVs. Giving your motor home a thorough cleaning would be an excellent first step toward realizing your goal. Here is how to go about it:

1. Clean the Ceiling and Windows First

Start your cleaning project with the vents. Rinse the screens with a hose after taking them off. Next, remove any dirt build-up within the vent. Wipe down the covers, too. Now, keep the vents open for some time and turn on the fan. It will help the smelly air to escape. Next, move to the air conditioner; clean its air filters and vents. Remove the cobwebs, if there is any. As for the windows, detach and wash their screens first and then apply a gentle cleaner on them.

2. Get Rid of Molds

When an RV sits idle for a considerable time, it tends to get moldy. If you notice molds growing on the floor, do away with them immediately. Otherwise, an offensive musty smell coming from them may put off your prospects. To get rid of this menace, mix one cup of bleach with four cups of water, add it to a bucket and scrub the floor with it using a brush. Wash the floor once again with clean water and let it dry. Use a vacuum cleaner to reach the corners that are difficult to access.

3. Use Appropriate Cleaners for Different Kitchen Equipment and Cabinet

In the kitchen, you have to clean three items – cabinets, stove and the countertop. At first, empty out the contents of the cabinetry. Use an RV-friendly wood cleaner for wooden cabinets, and a mild cleanser for the vinyl wrapped units. A gentle wipe with a soft cloth is sufficient for keeping veneer cabinets clean. Use only specified cleaners for the stove top. Use warm soapy water for the range hood. Don’t scrub; otherwise, you will get it damaged. Countertops are usually easy to clean. Wipe it with a soft damp cloth to make it shine.

4. Sanitize the Bathroom

Use a squeegee and mild cleaner for cleaning the shower area. Clean the toilet with a brush. Don’t use any harsh detergent here as it may damage the surface. Next, flush the black tank with your garden hose and add deodorizer here.

5. Know the Areas That Need More Attention

In an RV, the items like door latches and steering tend to get dirty very quickly as most owners overlook them. If you go for test drives frequently with the potential buyers, consider cleaning the steering at least once a day. Door latches are another thing that you have to touch a lot while showcasing your rolling home to its future users. Wipe them two/three times in a week to prevent dirt accumulation.

If you are a first-time seller, it is natural for you to wonder „what steps can help me sell my RV quickly and hassle-free online.“ Prep it right and start by giving your rig a thorough clean up. Follow our cleaning regimen for the best result.

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Home Sellers: Prepare Your Home for Sale

You want your home to sell, of course, for the highest possible price, and in the shortest amount of time. Here are a few good tips for making sure that happens, long BEFORE potential buyers visit your home.

First, make sure that your home’s curb appeal is at least as good, and preferably better than the other homes that are for sale in your area. Buyers often drive around in the neighborhoods they’re interested in, and if they see a home that looks great from the street, they’ll generally follow up with a phone call or visit. Make sure your home is one of those that catches home buyers‘ eyes from the street.

If your home needs paint, carpet, a new roof, or any other relatively major repairs, do them BEFORE any buyers visit your house. Just telling people you intend to repair or replace something does no real good. They only see the old situation. Home buyers don’t visualize the new one, nor should they have to. Do the work before anyone comes to see your home.

Make sure you have all the information about your home that a potential buyer might want. That’s where a nicely printed, attractive flyer can prove invaluable. It covers all the pertinent information about the home itself and the financial details. Buyers can take the flyer home and use it to make their decision, even when you’re not around to answer their questions in person. Remember, buyers, especially first-timers, often need some help when it comes to buying homes. Provide them with all the help they need to make the purchase. Seek help from a mortgage broker with making a financial flyer that gives the buyers details like suggested down payment and monthly payments.

Taking care of these details well before any buyer visits your home can sell your home more quickly and for a higher price.

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Why Curb Appeal Means Focusing On These 5 Things?

In order to maximize the possibilities, in terms of selling one’s home, for the highest – possible price, in the shortest period of time, with a minimum of hassle/ stress, it is wise, and necessary to pay keen attention, to the house’s curb appeal! Why would potential, qualified buyers, want to see more, if their initial reaction, may be a negative, undesirable one? As a Real Estate Licensed Salesperson, for over 15 years, I regularly, advise, my clients/ homeowners, to address, what we often, refer to as, curb appeal! Doing so, is a common sense, necessity, and does not, necessarily, require, huge expenditures, etc! Rather, it takes, having a plan, and executing it, either, doing the work, yourself, or hiring, a quality laborer, to do so, for you! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 things/ areas, which must be fully considered, and address, if necessary/ appropriate.

1. Quality exterior painting/ overall: Begin, by objectively, walking – around, you home, and looking to see, if the house, would benefit, from painting! Is paint chipping, overly – faded, or, in some other way, detrimental, to attracting people, to take a further look, and, perhaps,seriously considering, living – there?

2. Eye – appeal/ accentuating the positive: It makes a true difference, to accentuate the positive! When marketing a house, paying keen attention, to eye – catching, details, often matters! Emphasize, accentuating certain much – seen, features/ highlights, such as, using attractive colors, etc, around windows, trim, and doors, often, makes a significant difference, in the overall, appeal of the house!

3. Clean, clean – looking, odor – free: When, a potential buyer, perceives a specific house, as being, clean, he is generally, more – willing, to visualize himself, living there, in a positive, open – minded, way! When, one enters, the house, what may be the first impression (positive, or negative)? Similarly, pay keen attention, to ensuring, the house, is, truly, odor – free, because, one doesn’t wish, to harm the overall process!

4. Reduce clutter/ Staging: Clutter is an enemy of making a house, attractive, to others! Observe it, with an objective – eye, and address any potential issues, proactively, and thoroughly! Often, it makes sense, to stage a house, either, personally, or, by taking advantage of a professional, Home Stager!

5. Flowers and Plants: A key component, of inspiring, a qualified, potential buyer, to your house, is making, it, seem warmer, and welcoming, so the individual, begins to consider, in a positive manner, seeing himself, living there! Colorful flowers and plants, strategically placed, and located, often, makes a difference, for the better, in this process!

Smart homeowners pay attention to curb appeal, and positively, attracting buyers, to your home! Why should these individuals, be, more attractive, to your house, than the competition?

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For Sale by Owner Vs National Association Of Realtors

Potential and existing For Sale by Owners should take National Association of Realtors (NAR) ongoing rhetoric with a grain of salt. The NAR has a significant stake in how you choose to sell your property – did you know that there is approximately $60 BILLION in real estate commissions paid out annually (up 19 billion form 2000)? In a well planned and funded effort to justify their services and the astronomical commissions that they collect the NAR spends millions of dollars every year inundating the average homeowner with propaganda.

Realtors would have you believe that it is totally impossible to successfully market and sell your own home. The reason they propagate this fallacy is painfully obvious but it is shocking how convincing they can be and how frequently homeowners fall prey to their ploys.

Let’s put some of the most common NAR rhetoric to sleep:

FSBOs do not sell for less

FSBOs do not take longer to sell

FSBOs do not unwittingly expose themselves to potential thieves, rapists or murderers

FSBOs can effectively market their own property

FSBOs can effectively sell their own property

FSBOs can save thousands of dollars in commissions

Truth be known, the National Association of Realtors does some things very well. First of all, they gather, compile and distribute very accurate data related to real estate that can prove very helpful when creating a For Sale by Owner marketing plan. This data is gleaned from hundreds of thousands of home sales so the data is very accurate. Most, if not all, of the data is readily available on the internet. This data includes, but is not limited to, average number of days on market (DOM), average and medium sale prices (compiled monthly and seasonally adjusted), unit sales by region and unit sales by „Metropolitan Areas“.

The NAR also compiles statistics related to „Buyer“ and „Seller“ tendencies, these statistics are generated through surveys of both buyers and sellers. Some of the data speaks volumes, for instance over 70% of home buyers in 2006 used the internet to find the home they ultimately purchased, before they hired a real estate agent. Secondly 18% of home purchasers claimed that the first introduction to the home they purchased was a FOR SALE lawn sign. Do the math – that means over 88% of „BUYERS“ found the property they ultimately purchased without the assistance of a real estate agent – yet 85% used an agent to facilitate the purchase – who says marketing doesn’t work.

The second thing they do very well is market real estate; this is done through their proprietary data service – the Multiple Listing Service better known as the MLS. This real estate listing data, while proprietary, is not restricted to real estate agents, it is available to virtually anyone that has access to the internet., the consumer facing website is a by-product of the MLS, this primary marketing tool for Realtors is also available to virtually anyone. For Sale by Owners can invest in Flat Fee MLS. The concept is simple – instead of the „Listing Agent“ charging a commission based on the sale of your home, the homeowner agrees to pay a Flat Fee to a registered Realtor – this fee is typically in the $399 – $699 range depending on your geographical area and level of service. The agent simply agrees to list your property on the MLS. This exposes your property to all Real Estate agents through the MLS database and most potential buyers through (remember over 70% of buyers found the property on the internet BEFORE they hired an agent) which enjoys over 7 million monthly visitors that generate over 350 page views. BEWARE – not all Flat Fee MLS is created equal – make sure you know what you are buying and that there is some level of support.

One of the biggest problems that I have always had with Real Estate agents (outside of their high commission fees) is that they have a different mandate then the typical homeowner. A real estate agents mandate is to sell „a“ home and get paid their commission. The homeowners mandate is to sell their home. How often do you think a prospective buyer calls in to set up a showing for a specific property (your property) and the agent says – „sure, we’ll set up an appointment – but while were out looking at that property let’s look at these „others“ that I think you may be interested in.“ Personally, I don’t blame them, that is how they earn a living – I would do the same thing, it’s called „hedging your bets“. The inherent problem is that a real estate agent can be successful without the homeowner being successful. A great example of this is „Open Houses“ in my opinion they are simply a lead generation platform for the listing agent. The „visitors“ come to see your home, the agent takes their name and contacts them to sell them any house – they have simply used your property and time as a hook.

I always have to defend myself, and I want to be clear, I do not hate real estate agents. They definitely perform a service that some individuals are incapable of performing. I do however have a problem with the fees that they charge and their relentless attack on FSBO’s. I have always felt that if someone has to take a run at the competition in an effort to justify themselves that it was a sign of weakness.

Bottom line, you can sell your own home and save thousands of dollars; do not be swayed by the NAR and its unsubstantiated claims. Do not believe something just because you saw it on television – it is a shameless effort to protect themselves, their association and a livelihood that is under significant pressure to justify it’s fees. It’s not a coincidence that the U.S. Department of Justice is currently investigating the industry for anti trust violations. Change is coming – and it will shake the very foundation that this association was founded. The internet has changed the way people buy and sell real estate – it’s time for Realtors to accept that fact and adjust accordingly or go the way of the Dodo bird.

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